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Next Generation

Next Generation – The Jesus Connection

The Next Generation cd is the first cd ever made by The Jesus Connection. The Jesus Connection is a Christian rap band which promotes the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It has been around for about 3 years. This cd has track the last track is a song that was performed when The Jesus Connection was on Soul Clay Radio Station in Texas. That track which is entitled, “Radio Flow”, includes a testimony of how The Jesus Connection was started.

Jesus Christ Rap|WWJD|Jesus Christ is the Man Part 1
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Jesus Connection Next Generation CD (8 songs):
1. Jesus Christ Rap

3. JC is Bout It

4. What Would Jesus Do

5. With Smiles

6. Jesus Christ is the Man Pt. 1

7. Jesus Christ is the Man pt2

8. Radio Flow

The Jesus Connection The Jesus Connection
Jesus Connection is Christian Rap band that is led by me, Daniel Owens. I write and produce my own lyrics. When I was seventeen years old I made my first rap cd called, “The Jesus Connection, The Next Generation”. The first time I did my rap publicly was when I was sixteen years old and performed a Christian rap song on the stage at my high school after being encouraged by my friends to do that I soon became interested in writing music.
Albums: There are currently two albums by “The Jesus Connection”, they are called, “The Next Generation” and “Spiritual Sensations”.
Donations The proceeds from donations go to help support this website and my music. Please consider donating or buying a cd today.


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