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Jesus Christ Rap

Jesus Christ is the Man with the Plan!


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Jesus Connection is a Christian rap band that is led by me, Daniel Owens. I write and produce my own lyrics and was seventeen years old when I made my first rap cd called, “Jesus Connection, The Next Generation”. The first time I ever did my rap publicly was when I was sixteen years old and performed a Christian rap song on the stage at my high school after being encouraged by my friends to do that I soon became interested in writing Christian rap songs. I also did my first demo when I was sixteen years old and it consisted of six short thirty second tracks. But a little while later when I was seventeen I wrote a number of Christian rap songs and soon came up with the idea to make my own rap cd and that is when I came up with the name, “The Jesus Connection”, and decided to put the lyrics in my voice and add beats to my songs. I then decided to call the cd volume, “The Next Generation”. Before long I started passing out copies of my Christian rap cd’s out at high school to my friends, classmates, and before long I was passing out copies of my cd’s to my friends at youth group. I also sent copies of my cd’s to some churches some of which later sent me thank you letters. At one point during my rap writing I was able to do a rap song over the phone for Soul Clay Radio in Texas and after words I did a short sermon of which is the last track of the eight tracks on my cd. Now I have a few of my songs available to listen to at my website and I continue to record freestyles which I hope to use for my next album for The Jesus Connection. As I continue to rap for Jesus Christ I hope to inspire others to rap for God and use their talents in a way which is pleasing to God. One of my favorite Christian rap artists is T-bone Walker who has a great album called, “The Last Street Preacha”, which is one of my personal favorites. Now days we see so many different rappers writing about the ghetto, and life on the streets it is nice to see other rappers writing lyrics that help bring other people to Christ. I hope that you have enjoyed hearing about me and my rap cd. Thank you for taking time to hear what I have to say.

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