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New Life in Christ

We know that Jesus Christ was crucified for the bible tells us so in this sense we are God’s children when accepting Christ, we know that we no longer live but Christ lives in us. In this fact let us begin a new life with Christ and live in the spirit of Christ. Knowing that all good things come from God above. Look into your heart and seek God. When you have found God don’t just trash him again and again but keep his spirit like a plant in your heart. For a plant needs water to grow. This plant grow’s by your relationship with God. We need water ask Christ to water you. (Christ water is the spirit of God.) Here is a big questions to ask yourself…………………….. By the way Noah wasn’t the only person. Remember Daniel and the Lions Den when the king said that he would throw Daniel into the lions den if he didn’t bow down to the king. Daniel said I only bow down to my God and the king got really mad and ended up throwing Daniel into the lions den. But God saved Daniel from the lions den then they later noticed that and ended up bowing down to Daniel’s God (The true God). “The Lord saved Daniel Amen”.

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