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Romans 2

Romans 2:

Paul talks about God’s judgment being revealed and that God will pour out His anger upon those that are profoundly wicked and he will give eternal life to those that are doing good. However, there is trouble that’ll come for those who do evil and that the Gentiles (those who are not Jews and refuse to acknowledge God) who sin will be destroyed. The laws of God are written upon our hearts. Paul proclaims the second coming of Christ who will judge every person’s secret sins. We cannot hide from God! We learn that we should not to rely on God’s law for salvation but trust in Jesus. Although, God’s law gives us both knowledge and truth, we cannot be justified by obeying it (revealed in Chapter 3; Romans 3:20,28). Paul uses Romans 2:29 to tell us that obedience to the Jewish law of circumcision is useless and that it is our hearts that matter! We know that by faith we have become children of Abraham. We must have a change of heart through God’s Holy Spirit, seeking praise of God not from people.

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