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Mark Chapter 16

Mark chapter 16 was a very good chapter it is amazing because the disciples seem to have no idea of the Jesus would rise from the dead. Although in the Gospels it appears He told that many times it would happen. How many times has God spoken to us and maybe we just didn’t take the time to listen? I’m thankful that God speaks to me through his word and through his Holy Spirit it is also interesting that no one believed the people when they reported they had seen Jesus, because the Gospel clearly mentions this was destined to happen. It makes me wonder how many times in my life has God been saying something would happen and maybe I just didn’t believe or hear him? I know that God is faithful I’m thankful for that and know He will continue to shape me and mold me. The passage about being a disciple of all nations, is wonderful because I believe ever since the beginning of creation God has always desired for us to have that kind of discipleship with Him.

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